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Are you looking for a blonde chick that can make your dick hard at just one glance? Well, I’ve to admit there are many girls in the industry that can make you feel that way. There’s an abundance of blonde sirens in the porno world and you might have a hard time choosing one for your jerk off sessions. 

However, if you’re willing to follow my advice, then I’m going to recommend to you this gal of Spanish descent named Skylar Vox. To be honest, I only knew about her a couple of nights ago, but I can’t deny the fact that she’s freaking amazing. 

Just one look at her gorgeous face and hourglass-shaped figure and you’ll be hooked! I even got the feeling I’m going to be obsessed with her porn films for a while. 

If you haven’t heard about her, Skylar is a rising pornstar who also works as a model and a dancer. She had her debut in the adult filming world in the summer of 2019. 

By now, she has already attracted a huge fan following because of her sensational movies from Tushy Raw, Reality Kings, Hard X, and Brazzers. I even believe she’s one of the pornstarsto to watch for in the near future!

Now, let’s dig in deeper on Skylar’s personal and professional life. 

Who is Skylar Vox?

Skylar was born on the 9th of January 2000 in South Florida. A bit of Spanish blood is running through her veins, and she has long blonde hair and brown eyes. What I really like most about her is her sincere smile that makes her cute. 

She’s one of those fit girls with large titties and a spankable bum. If you ask me, I think she looks perfectly sexy from head to toe. 

The first thing you may notice about her is her all-natural breasts the size of 34DD. And I also have a good feeling that you may grow fond of her mouth-watering booty. 

As of this writing, she got no tattoos on her body, but I heard she’s planning to have one or a couple in the future. 

Well, she may not have tats, but her navel, septum, and nipples are pierced. I guess that also means she likes being pierced down there with a massive cock, if you get what I mean. 

Ever since she was young, she was the center of boys’ attention. I guess it’s because of her sexy appearance and delish orbs. 

Skylar also revealed when she and her then-boyfriend were losing both of their virginities, her boyfie’s younger brother caught them in the act. Oops!

Before she entered the industry, she illegally worked as a stripper because she hasn’t turned 18 yet during that time. 

When Skylar discovered the world of porn, she realized it would be fun to be a pornstar. And it looks like she’s damn right!

Skylar Vox’s adult film career


Now, where did it all begin? 

As a young girl, she’s always in the search of love through sex. Although some might think that it’s a silly and very childish way of seeking love, her past actions still had a positive impact on her life. 

Skylar joined the industry with a lot of experience. In fact, an entire book can be written about all her sexual exploits. Yeah, that’s how naughty she is!

When you check out her films, you might get the impression she’s a natural-born entertainer. You can also feel that she’s open-minded, sincere, and will forever be a soul rebel. 

Her reason for joining the adult world is not purely because of money. Skylar believed that being a pornstar can give her the chance to do something she really likes and provide consistency to her life. 

She started her adult filming career in the first half of 2019 when she was only 19 years old.

The moment she officially became a porn actress, she set up her biggest goal which is to become the greatest pornstar of all time. Well, every successful person starts by dreaming, right? 

Skylar is represented by 101 Modeling Agency for her works on West Coast, while her contracts on East Coast are being handled by AMA Modeling Agency. 

In just a year in the industry, she has already filmed at least 64 scenes. That means she didn’t waste any more time, and she got busy with shooting pornos which were mostly hardcore, solo, and lesbian scenes. This girl truly deserves a loud applause. 

Another interesting fact about Skylar is she discovered masturbation when she was in grade school, and she did it almost every single day. 

Now that she’s a pornstar, her favorite toy for jerking off is Hitachi. 

Anyway, have I mentioned that she’s a bisexual? Most of her scenes showcase Skylar dominating other girls. And if you watch her lesbian scenes, you might notice that she really loves to be the dominant one in bed. 

She likes giving pleasure, and she feels really excited when there are two gorgeous women in front of her. 

If you want to see how good she is in lesbian scenes, I recommend you check out Girl Gang 4. This vid would show you how awesome her lesbian skills are. 

Skylar has worked with several fantastic stars like Kenzie Madison, Kendra Spade, Havana Bleu, Gina Valentina, Gabbie Carter, Eliana Rose, and Bridgette B. 

Skylar Vox’s personal life

Skylar Vox nude

When she’s not shooting any films, she goes to the strip club to entertain people. If she’s not in the club, then she might be in the garage, building up cars on her own. Apparently, our goddess has no time for rest. In short, she’s a workaholic!

Skylar is a huge fan of mod and super-speed cars and street racing. She also likes listening to EDM, rap, and hip-hop music. 

She loves fantasy and sci-fi movies, and she said she can eat only pasta for the rest of her life. 

Skylar Vox’s luscious nudes

Here’s my final say

Skylar is not your typical pornstar, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to like her more for her uniqueness. 

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