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Do you love male stars with mustaches? Well, it looks like Ryan Jacobs will be perfect for you. With his sexy mustache, he can make your fapping sessions extra tingly and fun. Oh yes — it’s gonna be an amazing orgasmic night. 

This male star is from Canada, which is a beautiful place for a vacation. 

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “Canada,” I think of beautiful gardens, breathtaking mountains, and scenic beauty like no other. 

Another thing that makes this country awesome is the fact that many famous and sultry pornstars come from this place. 

The porn industry is booming and it’s all thanks to the most attractive men and women who entertain porn fans all over the world. 

And no matter what your fetishes are, Canadian pornstars always got your back. Awesome, right? 

One of the rising male stars in the biz is Ryan Jacobs. With his adorable looks, he’s taking the industry by storm. 

This hunk will make your day (and night) with his incredible performances. So, you better keep an eye out on him from now on. 

Ryan Jacobs Bio

I searched all over the Web, but found only a few details about this bemustached Adonis. Well, I guess it’s better than getting nothing. Now, here’s some awesome deets about Ryan. 

  • Age: 21 years old
  • Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: None

Ryan Jacobs Sensuous Nudes

I have to warn you, these buck naked pics of Ryan have driven me insane for the past few nights — and I bet it’s going to have the same effect on you. 

To be honest, I felt frustrated in choosing photos to include in this collection. I’m not saying it’s a boring task. In fact, it was the exact opposite. 

I just find Ryan’s physique so irresistible that I always end up with my other hand fumbling its way inside my pants. Oh, how I tried to control myself– to no avail!

Each of us has our own kinks and desires. And for me, it’s staring at wild nude photos in the middle of the night when the Earth is still and quiet. And perhaps there are people who feel the same way I do. 

So, I hope you’re ready for what you’re about to see. Prepare your lube and your napkins coz this is going to be a crazy wild ride to cloud nine. 

Ryan Jacobs Stunning Clip

Did you have fun ogling at Ryan in his naked glory? If you did, then I have a good feeling you’re going to like this section even more!

Oh, this cutie is having so much fun with these two guys in the video. Well, who wouldn’t? 

Ethan Chase and Markus Kage are giving him the experience of a lifetime — and I think he’s going to treasure this exquisite moment forever. 

I’m not sure if it’s his first threesome, but one thing’s for sure: Ryan is giving one hell of a good show!

I heard he had a pull-up competition with these two stars and unfortunately, he lost. 

Well, if you ask me, he’s not unfortunate at all. With these two stunners punishing him for his loss, I think he felt like he won the jackpot. 

Just listen to his moans and you’ll get the impression he’s freaking satisfied. Ahh… I’d play this short clip over and over again. It’s just so lustful to hear his moans while receiving luscious anal sex from Markus and getting a passionate kiss from Ethan. 

I bet if he won’t mind doing this all over again. 

So far, Ryan has worked for several porn production studios like Dad Creep, Yes Father, Men.com, and MASQULIN.

If you wanna see more of this hunk, you can check out the following titles: “After Bedtime Prayers” with Benjamin Blue for Yes Father, “Dirty Valentine’s Day” with Markus Kage for Dad Creep, “Your Body Is Under My Care” with Teddy Torres for Yes Father, and “Birthday Bang” with Markus Kage for Men.com.

Ryan is a sensational pornstar who deserves all the attention he can get. He’s gonna mesmerize you with his top-notch skills and talents. 

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