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Maddy was born on December 22, 1993, in the United States. If you’re wondering what her astrological sign is, it’s Capricorn. 

She’s called the “Little Weed Princess” because of her fascination with the crazy effects that weed can bring.

She’s 5’1” tall and weighs 112 lbs. I’ve to admit I was drooling all over my bedroom when I laid my eyes on her bombastic body. 

For me, she’s freaking perfect! Her vital stats are 34DD-24-36. Yeah, she got big boobies you might love ogling at while you’re wanking your load. 

But don’t look at those orbs too long as they might hypnotize you. And when that happens, all you’d think about all day is sucking those luscious nipples till they’re hard. 

Oh, anyway, her breasts were enhanced. Well, that’s no big deal, of course. I feel like I had to mention it, just in case you want to know. 

I really like Maddy’s mesmerizing brown eyes. I love looking at them while I’m moving my hands up and down my phallus. They make me feel like I’m with her — physically.

You can easily recognize her on a porn scene because she got many tattoos all over her body. She got ink on her right leg, above her right breast, and on her back. 

It looks like she’s a lover of body art. Aside from the tattoos, both her nipples are pierced as well. Ahh… it’d be nice to play with them with my tongue. 

A tattooed Caucasian sex princess


Born: December 22, 1993

Birthplace: somewhere in America

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’1” (159 cm)

Bra Size: 34DD


If you’ve been a porn fan for quite a while now, then you might have noticed there’s a huge number of Caucasian chicks in the industry. I guess that’s partly because many porn production studios are based in the US. 

A lot of men got a thing for women with fair skin. And that’s precisely the reason why I’m going to introduce you to one of the hottest Caucasian vixens in the business. 

To be honest, I see white babes daily. Maybe you do, too — especially if you’re from the colder regions of this planet. 

Even though these ladies are everywhere I look, I can’t deny I’m still crazy for them. I don’t just want to feel their presence. I want more, man! If only I can get the chance to be with them, I’d surely give them all the lovin’ they deserve — if you know what I mean. 

For some people, they think milk-colored skin means someone is either poor or geeky. They assume that the person stays all day indoors or might not have enough money to go on a summer vacation. You know, to get some sun-kissed complexion. 

But you might want to take note that back then, it’s an entirely different story. People with snow-white complexion are considered royalty back in the days — queens, kings, princesses, or aristocrats. 

Only the poor got darker skin because they had to spend most of their time under the sun. 

Some royalties even go to great lengths to achieve a fairer complexion, like bleaching their skin using dangerous products. They didn’t care if it’s going to give them health probs in the long run. All they want is to fit the standard of the society they’re living in. 

Yep, that’s what’s written in the history books. But I guess you might be more interested in getting naughty tonight. So let’s get to know the main star of this article, Maddy May!


A white chick to rock your world

Maddy is a newcomer in the porno world, but that didn’t stop her from attracting a huge following. Men who check her out are impressed by her exquisite appearance and jaw-dropping figure. 

If you wanna get to know more about her, you might want to visit any of her social media profiles. I heard she’s most active on Twitter, so maybe you might wish to follow her there. 

When I went to her Twitter account, I found out that she has over 12,000 followers. That’s a lot for a newcomer, don’t you think? 

Motley Models currently represent her. The said adult agency was one of the reasons why Maddy is now a professional pornstar. 

I got a good feeling we’re going to see more from this vivacious vixen. 

This sex kitten is mostly interested in shooting scenes under the solo, b/g, interracial, g/g, and creampie genres. 

I visited her PornHub profile and found many erotic videos of her touching herself. It seems like she loves using sex toys on her yummylicious honeypot. 

Some interesting titles you can check out are “Making Myself Squirt in Public” and “Gummy Bear, You Make Me Cum So Hard.”

Here’s my final say

So, I guess you’ll be having a busy and messy night. Happy fapping, bud!

Craving for live cam sex of Maddy May?

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