Review: Enjoy on-the-go with our live mobile website on

Enjoy on-the-go with our live mobile website.


Disclaimer alert: jerking off to cam sites can be too addicting. User discretion is highly encouraged!

Though it works for any sex cam site that has the girl of your fantasies performing live in front of a webcam, the satisfaction can be compared to the traditional porn vids.

When you got a live cam site like that has all the hot amateur action you’ll ever need, it’s recipe for a great experience. Not even porn can top some of the live performances.

Camster is one of those sites that does not disappoint. It has made a lot of men come back for more!

So let’s talk about this sexy cam site now, shall we?

All about Camster

camster home

Camster is your typical cam site that gives a person certain levels of interactivity when consuming nude material.

Unlike porn where you just watch, here you get more intimate with them through chat and that’s what gets you hooked. It becomes more like a chase now which is a way to test your game.

Maybe by now you’re saying: “so is every cam site on the internet,” so hear me out on this. Camster has a lot of girls eager to look for a beaver!

Most of the models look like the ones you see on amateur porn videos but not all though. But that gives you an idea who are the starlets of the site.

The girls can get pretty mixed up on the site. You’ll see thumbnails of thick chicks or even older ones every once in a while. Mostly porn-worthy chicks though.

What amazes me is that the girls don’t hesitate to go all out even on public shows since cam girls tend to have reservations on public chat rooms and would prefer to go all-in only if you take them private.

But surely, these girls are willing to risk it all!

How about the interaction?

camster live

Some cam sites have compatibility with the Lush Lovense toys. These toys are Bluetooth-controlled and can be activated remotely through live chat.

Imagine being in control of hitting a cam girl’s G spot? How about virtually fingering her non-stop? Unfortunately, Camster has limitations when it comes to that.

Don’t get disappointed though. It simply means the level and longevity of the toy’s vibration will rely on how much you tip them. Still better than tipping a stripper for a lap dance right?

Out of the two that do not involve actual intercourse, the satisfaction is just as good if not better.

Surprising profiles

camster stormy daniels

In 2018, Camster welcomed porn star Stormy Daniels on board. She began using the site to livestream and chat with her fans. I myself would jump on that if I were you!

The thing is you’ll never know who will show up and use Camster as a platform. The site has proven to bring in recognized names. That definitely boosts their trust rating if you ask me.

Aside from that, Camster offers its models a live mobile site. There, they could livestream through their phone’s camera anywhere around the world!

Imagine them streaming a wild public show live? I sure count on that!

Creating communities

camster blog

Camster wants to maintain a friendly community amidst all wildness than ensues on each show. The site makes sure that the interaction does not stop as the cameras stop filming.

Unlike other sex cam sites, Camster keeps its blog regularly updated with some of its starlets being contributors too!

That’s one hell of an interaction if you ask me. Take it as an opportunity to boost your game in private chats.

The bottom line

camster videos

Camster has put an effort to being competitive in the adult cam niche. It doesn’t want to only serve its viewers but also makes sure the cam girls have fun using their platform.

It’s not a disappointing site to be on despite some of its limitations. You couldn’t ask for a more immersive experience. But still it can be better.

The models seem to be happy with the platform. It shows in their performances and how much they are willing to give for your viewing pleasure.

As far as the site design goes, it looks like a typical cam site so maybe a new design can give them a separate identity. That way all their unique features will stand out.

So if I were you, it’s time to create an account and try it out. Just let us know later what you personally think. models