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There’s really something about wet girls that make my dick go crazy. I mean, they’re already alluring when they’re all dry, but once they get themselves wet, it’s a whole new different story. 

Honestly, I can look at their bods all day without getting tired. I guess that’s the reason why I always check out amateur scenes filmed in the shower and bath every time I visit my fave tube site. 

And of course, I’d want to share this fascination I have with you. That said, I’ve prepared here a list of all the steamy hot action caught on cam right here in this article. 

I hope you’re freaking ready for this. You might want to find a comfy place first where you can do your thing without getting disturbed or being seen. You know, this is some NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff. 

So, without further ado, let’s get this cum party started!

#1 Deep throat and squirting in the shower and bath on amateur cams

Wait… isn’t this collection supposed to feature nasty deeds done in the bathroom? Well, it looks like these two are outdoors. Oh, now I get it — it’s sort of an outdoor shower. They can bathe under the heat of the sun. Isn’t that exciting? These two just can’t get enough of each other that they started banging nice and hard. There was even some squirting you might want to watch out for. 

#2 An amateur family threesome in the shower and bath

Now, what do we have here? It’s a freaking three-way action, man! I can’t believe this trio managed to fit in that small bathtub. I guess when it comes to sex, you would be willing to do what it takes just to feel the most pleasurable. The dude in the vid is one lucky perv. I mean, it’s not every day you get to lay two gorgeous goddesses in the tub while the water splashes your every move. 

#3 Amateur babe spied by neighbor in the shower and bath

Woah! This clip just gave me an awesome (but risky) idea. Apparently, this is a scripted film, but I can’t help but get excited with the idea of spying on your gorg neighbor. To pull this off, I think you would need to be quiet as a cat — just tip-toeing near your neighbor’s bathroom window. And of course, you would need a really tiny camera.

#4 Sexy amateur Italian pees in her pantyhose in the shower and bath

This fab chick seems to be holding pee in her bladder for quite long. So, the moment she stepped into the bathroom, she wasn’t able to hold it any longer. She didn’t have time to take off her pantyhose before her pee started dripping down her legs. If you have a thing for golden showers, then this one might turn you on. 

#5 Lesbian cutie in the shower and bath plays with a butt plug

Damn — this lesbo is hot! She’s in the bathroom and satisfying herself with a red butt plug. I thought she would be teasing me the whole time, but she actually inserted the toy inside her tight ass. Oooh… I want more of that, girl! Gimme some more — c’mon, don’t be selfish. If you want, I can lick your lady bits while you’re playing with your bum hole. 

#6 Horny chick satisfies herself with a vibrator in the shower and bath

Is it just me or gals really love touching themselves in the shower? Well, maybe the water helps, or maybe it’s where they feel most comfy. After all, the bathroom is a very private place. This hottie in the flick steps into the tub and starts stimulating her clit using a vibrator. Ahh… it looks like she orgasmed many times. 

#7 Amateur cutie sucks neighbor in the shower and bath

I think I should say this is one of my fantasies — to be sucked by a pretty lady while soaking myself in the tub. Nothing could be more relaxing and satisfying than that. And dude, this babe is freaking glorious! The eye contact is breathtaking as well. I don’t think I can look into her eyes for five seconds straight without my package wriggling inside my pants. Oh, yes, baby! Suck that enormous cock nice and good!

#8 Skinny amateur teen massages herself in the shower and bath

Here’s another footage of a vivacious vixen who prefers touching herself in the bath. At first, I thought she would only be soaping herself, rinse off–just like that. But boy, was I wrong! I felt like I got more than what I bargained for. After she seductively soaps herself, she spreads her legs right in front of the camera and starts massaging her pussy. Too bad all those bubbles were in the way. If only I could wash them off, so I can get a better view. 

#9 Petite girl in the shower and bath plays with a little dildo

Earlier, I said wet girls turn me on — big time! But it looks like women are also turned on with their wet bodies. Just like this chick in the vid who feels sooo horny while cleaning herself in the bathroom. She sits in the tub and spreads her legs wide to show off her bushy vag. On the side of the tub is a little pink adult toy. Perhaps you can already guess what she’ll be doing next. 

#10 Stepbro spies stepsis in the shower and bath

What a naughty stepbro! But I guess, I would do the same thing when my stepsis is as hot as this girl in the flick. That body is to die for, man! And it looks like her stepbrother got lucky ‘coz when she found out he was spying on her, she invited him to join the fun. Holy Molly!

Here’s my final say

Did you enjoy watching these shower and bath porn videos? Well, there’s more where they came from! 

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