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Karissa Kane is a beautiful vixen from Los Angeles, California. Aside from having a smokin’ hot body, she also has a gorgeous face that makes her an exotic pornstar. If you ask me, I bet she can pull off a modeling career anytime. 

She filmed her explicit scenes in 2014 when she was only 18 years old. 

What’s amazing about this hot brunette lady is her perfect and natural boobies. Ooh… you’d want to lick ‘em all day and night if only that’s possible. 

Ever since she entered the porn biz, she never failed to entertain porn fans and critics alike with her beauty and skills. She performed in different categories which means she’s quite versatile. 

During the earliest time of her career, she usually played the role of a teenager — because yeah, she was a teen during that time. 

Aside from shooting scenes in the teen niche, she also showed off her superb sexual abilities in other genres like facial, POV, threesome, and hardcore. 

Karissa Kane Masturbates in Front of Her Laptop


At the beginning of this vid, I thought Karissa was only going to show us her workout routine. She was typing on her laptop — and I don’t have any idea what it is. 

But to my surprise, she started flaunting her big booty and enormous tits on camera. I’ve to admit I was drooling all over my sheets the entire time. 

Perhaps you can already guess what happened to the rest of the clip. It was some wild masturbation session you might not forget!

Craving for more? Get access live pornstars shows

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